Beauty Photography


Beauty Photography images

feature a lot of detail! As the picture can never been seen big enough , you can zoom in on the following photos to get a close & personal look of my beauty work!

Beauty Photography: the art of photographing makeup, cosmetics and care products

While Beauty Photography is usually portraiting beautiful models, this type of commercial photography is, like fashion photography, really about the products. A beauty photographer hired by the “beauty industry” can use this for editorial photography or advertising photography purposes.
This does refer to makeup as well as skincare products, body care products, hair products or grooming accessoires. So while sometimes all being photographed is a good-looking model, the image really is about selling things like

    • foundation
    • lipsticks
    • lip gloss
    • eyeshadow
    • face masks
    • peelings
    • moisturizing cream
    • perfume
    • body lotion
    • lip liner
    • eye liner
    • mascara
    • nail polish

This selling doesn’t have to be taken literally. In beauty photography models and actors are often used to raise brand awareness or sell a brand image, a mood or a brand as a whole. This is why

    • lighting with contrast and drama
    • using interesting perspectives
    • dramatic posing or unusual mimics
    • working with colored light and
    • interesting lighting angles

can achieve more customer interest and thus push sales indirectly.
Choosing a creative photographer for your campaign or magazine should incorporate these thoughts while looking at the portfolios.