Fashion Photography


Fashion Photography images

feature a lot of detail! As the picture can never been seen big enough , you can zoom in on the following photos to get a close & personal look of my fashion work!

Fashion Photography – more than just photographing clothes

Fashion photography is not just presenting clothing with models and make up.

Fashion Photography can create drama and emotions by perfectly orchestrating light, contrast, unique perspectives and styling in different kinds of environments. Needless to mention that a skilled and professional fashion photographer knows how to ideally combine all ingredients for the perfect
fashion shoot. No matter if it is a photostudio or a natural environment with sunlight many different kinds of ingredients such as model and cloth styling, make up, contrast and light have to match perfectly to create a certain mood and atmosphere.

Whether you leverage Fashion Photography as Advertising Photography for Advertising Campaigns or as Editorial Photography for Editorials Fashion photography can redefine how people experience fashion.

This kind of Commercial Photography can help the fashion industry or an Advertising Agency help building a lifestyle brand. It can also support non-profit-organizations or companies that are enaged in sustainable fashion products help to expose their sustainability approach.

Besides the above mentioned photography portfolio my skill set encompasses the following categories:

    • Sustainable Fashion
    • Brand building including building lifestyle brands
    • Fashion lookbooks
    • Publications including cover shoots
    • Creating dramatic and emotional fashion experiences
    • Art shooting for fashion
    • Fashion photography for exhibitions, catalogues, eShops,
    • Retouching
    • Fashion shooting for creative Image Campaigns

My advice to positively influence your brand with the images you shoot and select you should look for the following things:

    • a scene that fits your brand identity
    • props that compliment but not take away from your designs
    • a studio that doesn’t distract or a location that fits the theme
    • the right model or models
    • lighting that transports a mood
    • new, interesting perspectives to keep the viewer interested