ELEGANT Magazine (incl. Cover, march 2019): We Are The Jewels

Quite a while back we produced a stunning series of pictures with the goal of paying homage to the works of Marc LaGrange. We, that is a bigger team of 2 assistants, a MUA and a Hairstylist, 2 Models and a fellow photographer. I titled it “We are the jewels”

Magazine Publication

It was quite the journey to get it published, as nude art photography seems to be neglected by society and publishers more and more. That is a worrying development.
The series finally landed in the hands of Elegant Magazine however, who did feature a different series of mine before.
Then as now we were chosen for the cover, which honours me greatly. The piece chosen for that front page is one of my favourite pictures of the series and overall. It fits it perfectly, if I may say so.
You can find it in ELEGANT Magazine Sensual #2, published in march of 2019.

How we did it

We conceptualised and organised everything, including the styling, on our own. The source of inspiration was mainly the book “Diamonds & Pearls” (click to find a review of mine regarding the book, in german) , so I tried to emulate the general lighting, themes, styling and image look. The latter proved to be especially difficult as I worked with a Pentax digital medium format camera for this shoot only.
Shooting it was a blast, but it took me some time to figure out how to best develop the raw files to get the results I craved. I was very satisfied in the end however.

We lit everything with flash in the studio of course, using almost exclusively just one big (120cm) Octabox.
It gives a more simple, but elegant look. I figured it to be something similar than what LaGrange would’ve used (along with that medium format camera, though he might’ve chosen analoge).

Thanks to the husband of one of our models I was able to cut some snippets of video together to get a brief making of as well. Look on my YouTube-Channel to find it.

Find the magazine here: ELEGANT Magazine Sensual #2

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