SHUBA Magazine #10 (may 2018)

In spring we produced a free editorial series with the main focus on fashion photography.
We featured different swimwear (like a bikini and bathing suits) as well as dresses and accessoires, in which our brazilian-born model cut a perfect figure.
SHUBA magazine decided to pick it up and publish some pictures as a feature in their issue #10.

I am very grateful for the chance of working with such an astonishing team that day.
We lit everything with flash and ambient light combined, using a portable elinchrom flash with a hard lightshaper, which we carried everywhere. We even did a picture with the flash and me up on the highest jump tower the pool had to offer – with the model laying down on a lower one!
While that image did not make it into the magazine, you can find it in my gallery here!
I just LOVE to play not only with light but with perspective as well!
In another picture I had to bounce the artificial light against a wall to remain a consistent look to the series.

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